Your garden is an important aspect of both your property and your life style.  Here are 5 things you can resolve to do this year:

  1. Lawn – We all make a promise to keep our lawns in a better state. These times it is easier with a plethora of maintenance companies to help with the routine chores however you can get on with some work yourself such as neatening up the edges and reseed any bald patches. You don’t even need to wait for the better weather to complete the edging. In fact when the soil and turf is more solid is a good time to create crisp neat edges.


  1. Care for birds and animals – It doesn’t take heaps of cash or time to be a bit kinder to our animal friends. In fact it often means not doing something rather than investing effort. Leaving a pile of offcut branches and logs in a corner of the garden provides a shelter for small creatures. Leaving seed heads on summer perennials often are a source of food to birds well into winter. The main thing to do during the colder spell of winter is regularly put out water for the birds to drink. The reward to attending to wildlife is that more are attracted to your garden and you have another aspect of nature to add interest to your garden.


  1. Plant a new plant that you don’t normally like – OK it sounds like a weird thing to do but I do it often and low and behold you discover that the offending plant is not so bad and actually it brings a different offering to the garden. I never liked hydrangeas but now I have loads in my garden as does my clients. All because I planted one for a bit of fun.


  1. Plant a tree – No matter how small your plot is, you can find a tree that is appropriate. A compact slow growing specimen can bring a huge amount of character to the garden without taking it over. Introducing height to the garden brings a whole new dimension, up light it and you have a new focal point.


  1. Take on a project to create a new vista or a new seating area – They do say a change is as good as a rest.  Even if your garden is in pristine condition, which it rarely is, it is always fun to make a change to an area that may not be living up to your expectations – producing a new seating point has a double positive.  Firstly you have a new focal point that increases your own interest in the garden and secondly you see you garden from a different angle when you use it.  This is great as familiar plants take on a different shape, are seen in conjunction with different plants in the background and the more distant plants frame a new vista.  Most importantly it is fun!


Good luck with your garden in 2015.

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