The wonderful African Lily or more commonly known by its Latin name Agapanthus, brings wonderful structure to the garden

The beautiful evergreen feather grasses (Stipa tenuissima) stimulate through vision; sound and feel.  They are a wonderful base to plant more structural plants through such as Alliums; Crocosmia and Agapanthus

Ground cover is a key element in any garden design.  This stunning use of Cyclamen hederafolia has created a wonderful carpet throughout this woody glade.

The large purple heads of Allium shown to their best against a strong blue background.  These bulbs produce versatile structural plants.

These zantedeschias more commonly called Arum Lilies bring grace and form to the garden.  The pure white form look wonderful if planted with spiky leafed sisyrinchiums.

If you are not inspired by these wonderful trees themselves, their name which is –  Metasequoia glyptostroboides is inspiring on its own!

They inspired Wordsworth, the sight of the first daffodils of the year is so uplifting, they are indeed an inspiration

Deciduous conifers? This is Taxodum Distichum. A conifer that is very thirsty.  Planted beside a pond, it will send out surface roots to grab as much moisture as it can. What a show in autumn!

The hydrangea is one of the UK’s most popular plants.  This glorious deep pink variety is just stunning and a favourite in our planting plans.