This time surely when I say the weather is turning nice just in time for a garden show it will in fact do so.  Yes many readers may have noticed that I said summer had arrived just in time for Chelsea, and then it went away again and suddenly all of the Chelsea water features became tragically redundant.  Well this time I can say with confidence that the weather should turn gloriously summery just in time for the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show!  Emphasis on should, but still it’s looking good.

We are, as usual looking forward to the trade stands to see the newest of gadgets and designs on offer and definitely the Feast tent – we always look forward to that!  We recommend ‘The Gift of Oil’s’ grapefruit infused balsamic vinegar! Glorious on salads and even better straight from the bottle!

Anyway, yes the next big mark in the garden show calendar opens tomorrow and we at Accent are characteristically excited about the whole thing.  Currently at the top of our must see list in the gardens are the Music Lover’s Garden and the Circle of Life Garden.  Both have interesting designs, which is of course all we have seen of them so far.  The Music Lover’s Garden is inspired by Handel’s Water Music and supposedly reflects the movement and flow of music; music which is supposed to reflect the movement and flow of water at that so it may be a tad complicated but interesting nonetheless.

Meanwhile the Circle of Life Garden simply looks technically impressive, a large encircling wall interspersed with arches and planting centred around a central grove of trees, certainly impressive for a couple of weeks work installation.

Naturally these are all just our early opinions based on the drawings, we’re looking forward to seeing them first hand tomorrow and deciding (and arguing) whether they meet our lofty expectations.

Now, anyone for Pimms?